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Welcome to Shippee’s Histories! The purpose of the class website is to explain more about the our class, to offer unit reviews and learning materials outside of the classroom, and to list the “Contact Info” for parents.

The focus of Liverpool CSD Middle Level Social Studies content is to prepare students for their role as citizens by studying history, economics, geography, and government. Grades 7 and 8 curriculum focuses on a chronological study of United States and New York State history through application of the social sciences. Course content is divided into 16 units tracing the American experience from pre-Columbian times to the present. The Liverpool CSD Curriculum content ties political, geographic, economic, and social trends in this study of United States history to parallel trends and time frames in New York State history.

Course Content
This course will explore the geographies, economies, societies, and governments that influenced early American history and the foundation of our country. As part one of a two year course we will go through the following units:

1. Native Americans
2. Age of Exploration
3. 13 Colonies
4. American Revolution
5. U.S. Government
6. New Nation
7. Westward Expansion
8. Civil War

Class Resources
Each student will take home a copy of our textbook for the year America: History of our Nation. Our class website: http://www.shippeeshistories.com will be used all year to maintain unit specific links and content. Also this site is a valuable resource for students to review content in preparation for tests and quizzes.

Class Grading Policy
Quarterly class averages are calculated by:
Homework 20%
Quizzes 40%
Tests 40%


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